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Found lost SitDiary entry!  / Taylor Burgstahler (myself)

relay for life April 10, 2005

Listening to: reliant k - which to bury, us or the hat

relay for life was last night, and i had signed up but pretty much didnt plan on staying the entire night. hence me going in a shirt, shorts, and sandals when the weather was about 40 degrees. freezing, yes, but still fun. i had greenie, his girlfriend lindsey, corbin, feinberg, timmy and carter in my group (ish), and we just kind of tooled around all night. met some rad people (all sahuaro that i had never seen before) and a few of us will probably end up hanging out again. advice for the future though: if your ever planning on even stopping at an all night event, wear shoes or bring socks because your bound to get frostbite. or just lose all feeling in your extremities.

happy birthday tay - 2/28. we had a candlelight thing for you tonight. it was nice. miss ya

[anonymous (]

i still can't believe you're gone. now that your fam is moving back, for an instant i was like 'oh we can go see taylor!' except we can't...

[anonymous (]

You need to come back, life has just stopped as we know it. I miss you and will love you forever.

[anonymous (]

I love you

[anonymous (]

I miss you so much it hurts to breathe. Why did YOU have to die? It sucks and it's not fair.

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i know this isn't you, but it sure makes it seem like it could be. i miss you terribly. i wish we could go back. i love you.

[anonymous (]

Taylor, Life is just not as happy without you. Where is the joy?

[anonymous (]

I love you kid... I always will. I miss you. ~Tardsy


you were such an incredible person. i wish i hadn't assumed you'd always be there, and put things off. you taught me so much about life and how to be's just not fair that you aren't living it. i love you.

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you were such an incredible person. i wish i hadn't assumed you'd always be there, and put things off. you taught me so much about life and how to be's just not fair that you aren't living it. i love you.

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i love you. and miss you. and i hope you know how much you did for me, without either of us ever knowing it. i will never forget you. with love.

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taylor, i love you. and i will never forget you.

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He was so dynamic!  / Marcos Acosta (boys state )
Though I only knew Taylor for a week, he felt like part of the family. My condolences to the family - our thoughts and prayers are with you in this time of loss. 
(Ajo, AZ )
my heart aches for your family  / Megan Misgalla (none)

Lori and Guy, I am not sure if you remember me but I gave you a tour of Pittsburgh when you were considering a move with Dick's Sproting Goods.  I was going through some old files and never had followed up on what happened to you so I did a search and have been crying in my office since finding this website and reading about your son.  Let me say that I am so deeply sorry for your loss.  Even though I never met him or Brooke I knew from meeting both of you just how much you loved your children!  I can't even try to begin to imagine the pain that your family endures as you try to come to terms withthe loss of your son.  My thoughts and prayers are with you all as you continue to try and get through this.
Megan Misgalla
You saved two lives tonight!  / Debbie Copeland (New Believer )
I was on the MSN page today and the article about depression was there. I have been struggling with what I think may be depression. I read your post and went to your website. 
Without going into my story I just wanted to let you know how much Taylor and your family have touched my heart. It was amazing that after reading about your son and all that happened has been a tremendous help to me. 

My husband lost his mother last month and he is experiencing the energy and actually seeing his mother. He keeps thinking it can't be possible. I called him at work and told him what I have been reading about you and Taylor. 

He is going to read the website when he gets home. I know that it wasn't just a coincidence that this happened today. Somehow, I think I was supposed to read this.
 I just wanted you to know that Taylor is helping people like me everyday.

 It's hard to put into words without writing a book to let you know how much this has helped me. At this moment I do not feel depressed and when I go outside and look at the beautiful Arizona sky I can almost feel him. 
I somehow have this inner peace after reading all of this. I am just compelled for some reason to let you know this. I hope that you can feel better knowing how much Taylor is doing for people. 
My son just turned 20 in May and he is also the light of my life. I will keep praying for you and know that you will be with Taylor again

I have put the website on my link page and plan to visit whenever I'm feeling down. Taylor has helped 2 people today. 

Thank you so much for bringing an angel into my life.

A couple more AMAZING things that happened  / Mom
 Long story short -

When we were driving up to Taylor's last breath site, we saw cattle right near the campground up at the Blue Ridge Reservoir.  Now me being a farm girl, I naturally LOVED seeing them!  On the drive back, we didn't see any, and I said, "Gee I wish I could see just one more cattle because I love those creatures."  The next thing you know, you see these cattle walking toward us, staring  at us, and they are all branded with the letter "T."  So I was thrilled because I took it as a sign that Taylor was listening.  He knew how much I loved the cows on my grandmothers farm. 

Another cool story - readers digest version:  Brooke's 2 friends who knew Taylor, went to NYC.  They were looking for a gift for Brooke at a jewelry store (like a generic Claire's) and found a peace sign  necklace.  They wanted earrings to go with it so they searched the entire store to no avail. They asked the clerk if they had any and  she said they were all sold out. They turn around to leave and right there is a pair of  black enamel earrings (about 2 inches in size) - and they were the number 55!  Each earring was the number 55! 
So what, there is a pair of earrings with the number 55 on them you say? The number 55 was Taylor's number basketball number. The number we have all come to associate Taylor with since his death!

  And right behind that pair of earrings were  a pair of peace sign earrings - the only pair in the store........

Taylor in the palm of my hand  / Mary B. (very special other Mother )

I’ve never had the privilege of dispersing anyone’s ashes before, yet I did for the first time last weekend.   Although he wasn’t a child of mine, it felt like I was holding something as precious as a child of my own when I took a handful of Taylor. He always had such a blast with us on Lake Pleasant, so it was fitting to bring him there again. 

It was not a frightening thing to see his ashes, almost surreal! Like they weren’t really him, yet you could tell they were.   His presence was as strong as ever I lifted my hand to the sky to release Taylor and let him fly towards heaven.    As I watched Taylor’s ashes, I didn’t know whether to cry or smile. Because it was a peaceful feeling as the “dusty” part of him sailed upward and then slowly vanished into thin air. But at the exact same moment it was so dreadfully sad to watch the other parts make a plinking sound as they disbursed in the lake, like raindrops on water.   I wanted to quickly go back and catch all the pieces and put him back together again, but knew I couldn’t. 

I will always remember, always!!   I will remember the softness of the residual ashes smeared on my hand and on my fingers just afterwards. It reminds me of the gentle and kind softness that Taylor had and would impart on anyone he came in contact with.   Taylor was in the palm of my hand and now remains with me forever in the very core of my heart.    I will remember FOREVER!

Children selected to attend Sun's basketball camp  / Lori Burgstahler (Mother)
Daniel Council, Brian Hassett, Angel Camacho, and Robert Jackson. The three kids chosen to attend the 2006 Phoenix Suns Basketball Camp through the Taylor Burgstahler Memorial Fund (The Taylor Fund)

Our job is never done - children always need us - every single day. Please help us continue our lifesaving work, with a secure online donation today! Because we understand that not everyone can make the golf tournament, we have set up other ways for you to donate.

You can help children affected by countless crises around the nation each year by making a financial gift to the Taylor Burgstahler Memorial Fund, which will allow several children to fulfill a once unattainable dream. The opportunity to be coached by and meet some of their favorite Phoenix Suns players! These funds will provide airfare, lodging, supplies and support to help those special children in need.

You can help ensure that the Taylor Burgstahler Memorial Fund can continue to provide these life changing services to children in need by making a donation to support all of The Taylor Burgstahler Memorial Fund core services today.

Take into consideration that every 5, 10 and 20 dollar donation adds up. If you can donate more, that would be wonderful. All donations are sincerely appreciated and are tax deductible.

If you haven't made up your mind to donate, please visit the Taylor Burgstahler Memorial website to learn more about the young man who was dedicated and determined to change the world through his love of sports and understanding of the human spirit.

To donate, click here -
Clifford the dog guy with sign  / Nick Allen (friend)

Taylor and I had some great times together. Taylor practically lived at my house when his parents were in PA for a few weeks.  He was always welcome.  Greatest memory I have with Taylor was when he put that 10 foot purple cat suit on and took the sign (for a car dealership) from the guy dressed as Clifford the dog.  Taylor told the guy he  was fired and that he(Taylor) was now in charge and the guy started to walk away and he looked so bummed.  Taylor immediately felt bad for the guy and said he was just kidding and handed him back the sign.  It was great.

T-Shirt Idea to honor Taylor's memory.

thinking of you taylor.  / Jackie (friend)
taylor. i know i just wrote, but im thinking of you. its been a hard night for me, and a hard night for bri. we miss you. rip taylor.

miss you  / Markos Mylonas (friend)

 its been one year. i still cant believe it. all throughout today i was thinking about all the good times we had, playing poker at leips, hackey-sacking it up in the hallway by ms kings, party-boying everyone that walked by...i miss you taylor...we all miss you...RIP will never be forgotten!

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