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You are now in Paradise  / Vlad-Denis Sirbu (Stranger)
I readed your story, and... and, I just cried. I've saw all your photos, albums & videos. Your parents will be very strong, especially when they will know that you are now in Paradise, in a better world. Good luck to your parents, & my most sincere condoleances!
Tay / Enu Singh (same as my Son )
Life is a peril of eternity. His life was short as some would say. But not when you remember him each day. He taught You life is not here to stay. It is what you remember from each day. It is not the length of your life on earth. It is what is remembered from time of birth. He is a part of my life and my soul. That was never allowed to grow old. When he was born he made his mark. His life kept many from the dark. Just remember him each minute of every day. Until you arewith him forever to stay. You have to wait till when it's your time. But forever his memory will be Thine.
A little hello  / Cassie (Friend from school )

Mrs. Burgstahler and family

My name is Cassie and I went to school with Taylor and Brooke. I doubt you remember me but I served on stugo with both Taylor and Brooke in middle and high school as I was in the grade in between them. Taylor was a huge role model in my life and his spirit and friendship is something that I will never forget.

The other day I opened my email up and there was a message from him just sitting there. At first the email adress didn't click but after a few moments of uncertainty it came back to me that it was his. I used to talk to him quite a bit on AIM so it was a very familiar address to me. The message doesn't say anything it's just a strand of old StuGo emails from 2003. Why or how I got this forwarded message 8 years later from Taylor's email I'm not sure. I'm a very spiritual person and believe that maybe it's just his way of saying that he's ok and watching over us. It said that it was sent to our whole student government team but I contacted Bethany and she said she didn't recieve it.

My life will be forever touched by Taylor and in many ways this email has comforted me. I never understood how the Lord could take such a precious life away from us Taylor was one of the best leaders and all around person that I have ever met. My own brother died who would be the same age as Taylor. I like to think that they met eachother and are looking over our families together.

I just wanted to let you know about this email and send my love and prayers to you and your family.




Taylor was/is such a great person!  / Friend From High School

I am sorry I cannot figure out how to post this on Taylors memorial site but I wanted to send it to you and when I clicked you email this came up I hope you do not mind.

My intentions are not to make you sad but to let you know how much Taylor is even touching the lives of those who only knew of him till this day and forever more. This is what I tried to post but am not sure if it did or not...

First to the family I want to send my deepest condolences and send healing hopes your way.

Must have been not only a week ago I suddenly started thinking about this boy I went to high school with in the same grade as me who had passed away on a camping trip.

I could not remember his name for anything for a few moments. Then I took time to reflect. I knew he was someone who was well loved still could not remember the name. I knew he was someone who was popular still could not remember the name. I knew he hung out with people in many different clicks still could not remember his name. I knew he was beyond belief funny still could not remember his name.

Then it came to me..

One day my friend came up to me and said have you ever met Taylor Burgstahler I simply replied with a no but I had heard about him.

She just wanted to inform me he had complimented her that day and it made her day brighten when she was down she had never talked to him before. They were only classmates however in a large group like DM classmates of the year 06 doesn't mean anything really.

He had just said the compliment in passing through from one class to the next no initiation from my friend just out of the blue.

Then for the next couple months I started hearing his name everywhere I think because his last name is more unique.

 Anyways the things people were saying were all so positive and kind.

I guess the point I am trying to make is that even though I probably maybe just in passing never met him he has stuck with me forever.

Not because he is now passed but because he was such a good person and lifted so many people up in their lives.

I don't know what made me think of him suddenly the other day.

 Then today I see someone posted about this memorial site and I just wanted to share my through a passerbys thoughts.

I hope you have all been able to find some peace and serenity. I cannot figure out how to read the dates on these posts but I have read some on Lori Burgstahler posts and they are all beautiful.

The butterfly story brought me to tears because it just seemed like Taylor to me.

You may find that strange a girl who has never met or talked to Taylor saying "it seemed like Taylor to me" but I just feel like that his how people described him to me a beautiful butterfly so sweet and friendly.

A butterfly who is there to comfort or there to listen a butterfly who will silently perch on your hand to truly let you know they are with you.

I cant explain it I just know it was Taylor there with you Lori as well. :)

Online support groups  / Lori Burgstahler (Mother)
Listed below are a few of the online support groups available to people who are in the grieving process. If you are unable to receive the support youneed to get through this process, please email me for help. 

Beyond Indigo 
Changing the way you feel about grief and loss

Disaster Survivor Support 

Drowning Support Group 
Peer to Peer support

Empty Arms, Heavy Heart 
Grief and support site for those that have lost children. Memorials designed free of charge.

Forever Sleeping with Angels 
Share a personal angel. Memorials, chat boards, photos, candles, and special dates remembered.

God's Tiny Angels 
A non-profit Christian organization dedicated to providing support to families who have experienced the loss of a child through miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, ectopic or molar pregnancy, and infant death.

Good Intentions Online 
volunteer based organization committed to providing support to families after the death of their child.

Grief Steps
volunteer based organization committed to providing support to families after the death of their child

Healing After Loss 
Recovery resources, message boards, chat rooms

Widows too Young
Support group for young widows and widowers

The Compassionate Friends
National self help support organization for families experiencing the loss of a child.

The Bereavement Journey
A place where anyone who is grieving the loss of a loved one can receive support; includes chat, forums, links, after-death experience descriptions. 

Provides emotional and spiritual support for people who are dying, grieving, or providing care for a loved one who is dying.

One Bright Star 
Recorded Life After Loss radio sessions you can listen to  on your computer.

Mothers of Murdered Sons/Daughters 
A site where Moms can share their grief, for mutual support, containing a photo memory board, and message board.

Mixed Emotions 
Support group for adult children dealing with the death (or impending death) of a parent from whom they are emotionally estranged, due to emotional or verbal abuse, alcoholism, or other addictions or dysfunctions.

After Death Communication 
Dedicated to After-Death Communication (ADC)
experiences and bereavement support for those grieving the death of a loved one.
The Gift of Family  / Momma Burgh (mommie)

As a family, Taylor, Brooke and I have been blessed with having  very close relationships.  Unlike most families where there is often some sibling strife or parent-child tension, our family never experienced that.  I raised our children on positive reinforcement and didn't believe in corporate punishment.  We never had to raise a hand to either of our children and as they grew older it showed in their compassionate personalities.

When Taylor and Brooke were younger,  I made the decision to not allow the kids to pick on each other, we nipped any arguments in the bud immediately.  They never had the opportunity to allow their anger to grow to the extreme and it showed in their relationship as they grew older.

Because Taylor and Brooke had to move several times around the country for Dad's job, they were able to experience the good and the bad of meeting new people and learning about new surroundings.  At a very early age they had to learn to count on each other.  We all did.  We were a family first and foremost. And it worked perfectly.

Sometimes the moves were a little more difficult for one person more than  another, but we  felt each others pain.  We were there to support each other and to lift each other up.  We knew we could count on  family to be there for us, no matter what. We were the perfect millionaires family - Mom, dad,  a son and a daughter.  We were loving life together.  We spent holidays, vacations and weekends as a family.  We played board games and cards and watched movies together.  We actually enjoyed being together. Even as the kids grew into teenagers. 

Mom and dad were involved in every aspect of their lives.  Dad as a coach, and mom as the PTO officer, teacher, fund raiser, scout leader, whatever activities the kids were involved in, we were a part of it too.  A very big part. 

Taylor and Brooke each had the same teachers growing up until they reached middle school.  We had planned it that way so they could share the same experiences, and it worked wonderfully for us.  They really connected and understood what the other was going through. It was as if they were twins.  That's how close they were, they shared everything. 

When Taylor and Brooke started high school, they began the  process of taking the same classes and having many of the same teachers.  They had so much in common, including a respect for each other most  brother and sisters rarely saw. 

Brooke and Taylor loved each other, they shared experiences and tears, they shared hopes and dreams.  They had planned on attending similar schools so they could be close to one another.  They LIKED each other, they were friends. 

People who knew the two of them still marvel at the way they treated each other.  People comment on how close they were, how it was amazing that when it came down to it, they agreed on most everything.  Sure, they were teenage siblings and they sometimes didn't see eye to eye, but that  rarely happened.  They had learned to reach compromises that worked for both of them.  And enjoyed getting to know each others friends and teasing each other in a very friendly way.

What makes Taylor's death so horrifying, is that (besides it being so sudden) all four of us were so tight.  We planned to live near each other forever, to share our lives with each other because we wanted to.  We were closer than most families.  There was always hugging and kissing and telling each other how much we loved each other all the time.  When I would tuck the kids in bed (yes, even in high school!) I would say to them, "Out of all the kids in the world, how did I end up with the best ones?"  We tried to tell them "I love you" several times a day.  It was our thing.   I just adored our children, they were my life, we were prepared to dedicate our lives to them forever.

Now we are  blessed to still have Brooke.  She is the light of our lives and we are here for her every second of the day.  Say a prayer for her, she has been through so much and misses Taylor more than anyone could understand.

I don't think anyone can understand how much this changes who you are unless you experience it yourself.  I pray you will never have to.

Groove (A Memorial)  / D. B. (best friend )
Groove (A Memorial) August 13, 2006

It's early Sunday and I'm up playing guitar and not being tired once again. I'll get the whole sleep thing down before I move out, but I've got a few days. I just was looking at the memorial website for one of my friends who died last summer and it all just kinda came flooding back to me how much I freaking miss this kid and how unfair it seems that people can walk this Earth every day and not commit to anything or amount to anything or even be good for anything but this kid lived his life in the most vivid and passionate way only to have that same life taken from him after 17 years.
 What's fair about that? 
Absolutely nothing. 
It's dumb too because I know it could've just as easily have been me if I would've gone camping with him the day after we ate lunch together for the last time. I was so glad to see him. It had been over 2 months and we just had sort of grown apart and out of nowhere I just get the feeling that I should call him and we should go out to lunch. We did, and we came back to my house and acted like idiots and played Halo (as usual) and then what happens? He dies in a tragic accident the next day. I mean. Seriously, how does something like that even happen? I mean, I love God and I'm going to make a my life a living sacrifice to him, but I just can't see how that judgement would be just in any way. I guess I'll have to live more to understand how something like that even happens. 
The weird part about it is, sometimes I catch myself wondering, hey, I wonder what Taylor's doing tonight? And then it all just comes back to me how good of a kid he was and how genuinely caring and passionate of an individual he was. I feel so bad for his family, I can't imagine what going through such a tremendous ordeal is like. He was a son and brother and he's gone. I feel like I shouldn't re-itterate that at all, but I think it's so important to remember him, because sometimes you meet bad people and you get dragged down into the dirt by people who don't care about you and don't care about life, and I want to remember him especially because he wasn't like that at all. I'm leaving for college in 3 days and I still feel 17, I think I'll feel 17 for some time. I don't know what college is going to be like not having that kid around to make fun of and make an idiot of myself with. I don't thank God enough that he sends people like that.
yortsite / Hadas (friend)
well, i knew this date would come but never thought of it. i'm in israel right now, and although its crazy here, most of my mind is occupied by taylor. 
i went to the wailing/western wall in jerusalem while i was here, its the only remanent of the huge temple that was in ancient jerusalem. its pretty much the holiest site in israel, and tons of people go to pray, and they write notes/prayers/wishes on little pieces of paper, and stick them in, hoping that god reads them.
i wrote about taylor. it just seemed fitting, and i felt content, as i walked backward away from the wall (you're not supposed to have your back facing the wall)
burgstahlers; you are always in my heart and mine and i will never forget taylor, wherever i may go. i don't think anyone can forget.

Brooke & Hadas Gold (Kevin Hassett in background) in Lake Pleasant the day we scattered some of his ashes into the water, July 2006. (Yes we know, but Taylor would have wanted it that way. Yes I know about "b. Sanhedrin 46b" )
Taylor was/IS an amazing kid - Read it in his own words  / lori burgstahler (proud mom )
I have been trying to locate lost pages of Taylor's "suchas this diaries" blog.

Today I found this on an archive page:

 irrational...                      May 10, 2004    

Listening to: irrationality of rationality-nofx

im sure ive written about this before, but even though im not a "punk" in dress or "action" , a very large amount of my friends fall in that "category" and its what i listen to (well, ska but same difference) and a lot of what i believe. switch gave me the nofx-war on errorism cd today to burn (its actually steves)and even though ive listened to all the songs countless times (alas, my best nofx cd was broken in half today by josh...darned leprechauns) i never had listened to this cd in order, i.e. on the real cd not a burned grouping of songs...
well, now that im taking the time to go through it, and listening to the lyrics, i cant help but think. its not good to say that any particular viewpoint is correct, but based on the facts that ive read about, been told, or seen, i think that a lot of the stuff they talk about is true. its also "exposed" an their other cds, on albums by bands who feel the same way, or just plain liberal up and check them out some time.
for example, one song speaks of how people get screwed over at work, at home, or by other people and how they react. not everyone knows how to handle all situations, and this just mentions one guy being fired despite being hugely successful and an overall good guy --"what keeps one from swallowing a shotgun?".--- the theres other instances, again in the song-- "dan, a company man, felt loyalty to the core. after 16 years of service, and a family to support. he actually started to believe the weaponry and chemicals were for national defense cause danny had a mortgage and a boss to answer to. the guilty dont feel guilty they learn not to."

Part 2 -
continuation of previous entry before  this one    May 10, 2004

Listening to: irrationality of rationality-nofx

ok, this is the rest of what i was posting a minute ago------so read the previous entry before you get to this one
i try to get as much info a i can about whats going on in the world around me, and just by reading the lyrics of this particular song, and dissecting what their saying, im floored. people are beaten down, not given respect, and sometimes freak out. but everyone knows that. the only thing i have to say is the way we treat others needs to be seriously rethought, because its a direct reflection upon ourselves. i know im guilty of being an idiot at most times, but i try my hardest to do it all in good fun, and never hurt the persons feelings, hence maybe picking on friends but making sure they know im joking, and receiving the same in return.
i cant stand it when someone or groups of people just bash kids for no reason whatsoever. i think thats why im involved in all the crap i am, because its almost as though i want a hand in a lot of different things to see that each is run in a good fashion.
also mentioned on the cd is the downfall of values. (geez guys, sorry. i must sound ilke a diehard fan here...not that i dont like them but im in that kinda mood i guess)the one thing that peeves me more than anything is corruption, whether it be morally, in business or otherwise. like in our current government and especially with our "great leader". its horrible to think that someone we apparently elected (again..wont get into it) has the power to ruin the lives of so many. and its not that im blaming the state of the world on him, but its a factor nonetheless. i also understand not all of the decisions were his to make and that if youd like to believe it or not, bush is a figure head for a greater power in government. a company needs a person to handle relations, while the rest of the "employees" handle the dirty work. thats what our countries become at this point in history. i just hate seeing or hearing baout people who dont get what they deserve, whether it be just a simple pat on the back or recognition for a job well done. ack. then again, with all the crap going on now, its probably the last thing on peoples minds... but, more about that later, because those of you that know me personally are probably aware of my opinions regarding that... for those that dont, maybe another entry later. well, sorry for the anti climactic ending, but ive spoken long enough so im done. adios all
You saved a life  / Lori Burgstahler Mommaburgh (mom)

You saved a life tonight Taylor. Thank you.

If I had not believed in your message of hope, support  and forgiveness, I would not have believed the email sent to me.

A man who was sorrowful and scared sent me and only me an email through this website.

I knew that he was serious because this  wesbite is different than the other memory-of websites. I don't have just pictures of l Taylor, I try to provide solutions and resources for those in need of help.  That is something my son would have done. That is something you had always done for others. You were always there. You always gave people the benefit of a doubt.

I listened to your spirit the other day Taylor and because I believed in what you taught me we saved a life.

It went like this:

I received an email from D. L. Hardy.  He wanted to end his life.  Many others told me it was just a hoax, but something inside me told me to take this seriously. So I did.

I called everyone I could think of. Suicide Hotline (they do put you on hold!) all the forums I could think of and finally my local police who knew me well enough to know I was serious and took this note seriously.  Together, we located him in another state and he is now getting the help he needs.

Thank you Taylor, he is alive today because of you!

To anyone else out there - I swear, I will try my best to see you through any hardship. We are in this boat together, we can make it together!

 Taylor truly is an angel!

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